HITVA says: Warmest Greetings to You All from Northern Ireland

says: Warmest Greetings to You all from Northern Ireland!

Hitva- Deaf Biker & Triker Friends, Deaf led, newly formed club in Northern Ireland in 2010 on 13th November.

We would like to deeply say a huge THANK YOU to those who have sincerely supported us and encouraged us to set up such club which already exists in Northern Ireland. Our members currently are a few but members will certainly increase in the near future because most Deaf people have motorcycles and trikers or are willing to have one. We are really looking forward to getting together for one weekend travelling around Ireland for fun.

We decided to open the HITVA Deaf Biker & Triker Friends club because the majority of such clubs already exist in other countries such as in Scandinavia, Europe, America and UK. We would like to make friends with them all, share experience, adventures and so maintain the network.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to build the new ties between us!


The HITVA team


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